Home: the quest to belong

Q and A with Jo Swinney, author of ‘Home: the quest to belong’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 2017)

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Why did you write ‘Home’?

I have spent a lot of my life thinking about the idea of home, mostly because I’ve done a lot of moving, said a lot of goodbyes and had times of wondering if I would ever properly belong. The book comes out of my growing sense of hope that all of us can find home: it might just be that we have to expand our understanding of what that means. The book roughly follows my life story as I’ve added pieces to the puzzle along the way. Home for me is now a house, my family, my church, my neighbourhood, my culture, my story and more.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who isn’t quite sure where home is – people who have just moved house, or have gone through a marriage break-up, or who are living abroad, or who are heading off to university, or are starting a new job – so many situations can unsettle us and make us feel rootless.

What do you hope people will get from reading it?

I hope people will realise they have a home if they will choose to embrace the life they have. I hope it will be the catalyst for a lot of story-telling. And I hope it will remind people that God has chosen to make his home with us, that he has a forever home waiting, and that we are in the meantime to offer home to each other.



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For many of us in the Christian book trade we have noticed that the church is losing the habit of spiritual reading, leaders are struggling to recommend books to their congregations, and Christians simply aren’t being encouraged to read.

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As Kingfishers Catch Fire

‘Sixty years ago I found myself distracted.’ So begins the introduction to As Kingfishers Catch Fire. What follows is the record of the collaboration of pastor and congregation in acts of worship and a life together. What Eugene Peterson, for thirty years pastor of a Maryland church, discovered is that the pastor’s life is much more than just the preaching. It is also made up of attending to the details in all the circumstances and relationships specific to a people and a place – prayers at a hospital bed, conversations with the elderly, small talk on a street corner.

This collection of spiritual writings presents Peterson’s distinctive approach designed to communicate to his congregation, and the reader, ‘the full counsel of God.’ Seven sections containing seven teachings, each expertly crafted to stir the biblical imagination. In these teachings, Peterson walks the reader through Scripture to bring fresh insight to familiar names such as Moses, David, Isaiah, Solomon, Peter, Paul, and John of Patmos.