Cathy Madavan Twitter Interview

Ever wondered what book Cathy Madavan is reading at the moment? Or if she still has her very first bible?

Read our first in a series of ‘Twitterviews’, where we chat LIVE on Twitter with some of your favourite authors.

First up was the wonderful Cathy Madavan, author of the much-loved ‘Digging for Diamonds‘ and her new release, ‘Irrepressible‘.

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Q1: Describe your latest book, Irrepressible, in 10 words. 

Right. Good first question! I’d say it is: 1) Practical 2) Resilience-boosting 3) Humorous 4) Helpful 5) Encouraging 6) Applicable (not just for Christians) 7) Wise (hopefully!) 8) Easy-to-read 9) Relevant (about resilient living – good for pandemic situations!) 10) FABULOUS (why not!?)

Q2: Do you still have your first Bible – tell us about it.

I can’t find the Bible I was given when I became a Christian at Uni. But I do have my grandparents’ Bible in Welsh and English. Didn’t even know they went to church until I became a Christian. A treasured possession.

Q3: Would you prefer a picnic or a Sunday roast, and why?

Well, we all love a picnic. But for me it has to be a roast – family and friends gathered (remember when we could do that?) and Yorkshire puddings (with all meats – I don’t care what others say!) Anyway, you can’t easily the bring gravy to a picnic. So, roast it is…

Q4: What’s so great about the church that you go to?

I’m part of Waypoint Church near Southampton where my husband is the team leader. We’re busy adapting and developing new ministries to serve and connect with the community around us. The church is crucial at the moment in every village, town and city.

Q5: Is writing something you look forward to or do you really have to work at it?

I do look forward to it. I love words and l love connecting with people and encouraging them. But it is hard work. And editing is really hard work. It takes a lot of time. I normally have a huge existential crisis at some point in every book!

Q6: When you’re watching TV do you do soaps, documentaries or dramas?

I’m actually a bit of a house programme junkie. Love Bake Off and a couple of reality things. Otherwise – drama. But nothing too scary. I’m a girl with simple tastes…

Q7: If there were one book (not the Bible) you would like the whole church to read which one would it be?

Sheesh. I’ve got so many favourites. Words change worlds – books are so important. The one I have repeatedly bought and given away is God On Mute by Pete Greig – So many doubt that God is good when life is bad. This book is so readable and so helpful. It builds faith resilience.

Q8: You’ve got a day off and there are no jobs to do, what do you do?

Morning walk in the countryside with family, nice food out somewhere for lunch, reading the newspapers or a book on the sofa in the afternoon and then board games or a good film in the evening. By the way – this never actually happens. Usually doing chores and errands!

Q9: What is your current or most recent earworm?

I love Jazz and classical stuff but the worship tune I’ve played over and over this past year is ‘Waymaker’. What a song. Got to have it played full blast if possible. Got to have it played full blast if possible. The version with Michael W Smith is awesome.

Q10: What book are you currently reading?

As I’m in isolation I’m revisiting some of  @billbrysonn and his travel books. They’re charming, funny and insightful. Also have the new book by @lucepeppiatt on the to-read pile.