God Is Stranger: What happens when God turns up?

By Krish Kandiah

Taking a fresh look at Bible passages he thought he knew, Krish Kandiah was struck by the fact that when God turns up, he never seems to do what people expect – and started to wonder what this might mean for the ways we expect to encounter God today.

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‘This is an urgent, powerful and prophetic book that has the potential to change your life forever. Full of passion, biblical insight and real-world application, it demands not just to be read but to be acted on!’Revd Canon J. John’Be warned: this book could seriously affect your view of yourself, of the world and of God – I highly recommend it to you!’Paula Gooder, Bible Society’Has God become as familiar and forgettable as a fridge-magnet? That’s the danger Krish Kandiah faces up to in this wonderfully readable and very challenging book. Bible stories come to life as Krish tells them afresh, richly illustrated with personal experience and social relevance, and in each case the living God turns up – strange, dangerous, and, like Aslan, not safe but good.’Chris Wright, Langham Partnership’An important and timely book from someone who lives out its message in the spheres of politics, church and (most important of all) his own family home.’Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer International

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