Love Has A Name

By Jesus Culture

Love Has a Name wears on it’s sleeve the calling that all good worship music should hold close. “[It] is all about declaring who God is”, Chris Quilala shares, “It’s a strong proclamation of His name”. This year Jesus Culture return with this, their 10th album, recorded live at their home Church in Sacramento, California. The album features Jesus Culture’s best and brightest, including Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Derek Johnson and more. Over the past year, many of these leaders have released solo projects, exploring new ways of creating music with the express intention of praise. This has helped the group to grow into a new sound; one uniquely theirs. All the atmosphere, the immensity and life, of worship is here in these live songs. The leading song, Halls of Heaven, is an earnest song of the pure passion of worship: the drive to run to God’s presence. Led by Chris Quilala, one of the newest additions to the group, the song is a joyful song that sets the tone of the release.

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