By Andrew Wilson

Mike Reeves’ book The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit is not just the best book on the trinity I have ever read. That would be damning with faint praise somewhat, partly because books on the trinity can tend towards the abstract, and partly because I haven’t read many of them. I wouldn’t even say it was merely the best book on God I have ever read. That would be much higher praise: there are lots of books on God out there, I’ve read a number of them, and some are exceptionally helpful. For me, though, The Good God is the best Christian book on anything I have ever read.

The beauty of The Good God is that it’s searchingly deep, rich, theologically profound and provocative, at the same time as being witty, creative, amusing, readable and short (112 pages). One moment, as I read it, I’d be thinking that the theological training courses I run need significant overhaul in the light of what I was reading; the next, I’d be crying out in worship, because I’d encountered God in a beautiful, joyful place.

Pastors: read this book. Teachers: read this book. Christians: read this book. Then give it to someone else and get them to read it too.

The Good God

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